Dear Friends and Subscribers to Bellevue Civic Theatre:

Bellevue Civic Theatre has decided to combine forces with Renton Civic Theatre to benefit both theater companies and their patrons. The new, combined company will provide many benefits, both to our patrons and actors, as well as to the community in general.

The benefits include:
1. Reduced ticket prices
2. Free Parking
3. Increase number of shows and offerings
4. Longer runs, allowing for more flexibility for patrons to attend shows
5. Combined ownership of our performing spec, reducing cost of productions
6. Flex passes and continued free exhcnages
7. Web-based ticketing
8. Assigned seats, so no need to come early
9. Flex passes allowing you to better choose shows and times you want
10. Shared resources and talents

In an era of reduced funding for theater, these types of mergers are becoming the norm as companies work together to share limited resources and serve the community of patrons and actors. This move also allows both companies to keep ticket prices lower, insuring access to everyone.

The 2013-2014 season of The 39 Steps, Boeing Boeing and Urinetown will be performed at the Renton Civic Theatre, 507 S. Third Street in Renton. You will also receive tickets to three additional shows at no cost!! Parking is free for shows, which should more than offset the cost of traveling the short distance on 405 to Renton for performances. If this creates a hardship, we will be happy to refund any subscirber tickets, or apply them as a donation to the combined theatre company.

If you have already purchased season tickets, your tickets will soon be coming in the mail. If you have not purchased tickets, we urge you to do so and thank you for your continued support. If you can’t afford tickets due to economic circumstance, I will continue to purchase tickets for you in the coming season to make sure you don’t miss a single show. See you at our next show at our new performing space at 507 S. Third Street in Renton!

Kent Phillips
Managing & Artistic Director, BCT