The Good Doctor

It’s quite alright. You are not disturbing me…I would rather talk thank work, yet here I am, day after day haunted by one thought, I must write…” And so begins Simon’s comedy based on the writings of Anton Chekov. This is one of Simon’s most critically acclaimed plays, a series of sketches threaded together by the narrator, a writer who shares with the audience his various story ideas. Some are poignant, others will make you laugh til you hurt. In the end the writer, Anton Chekov, finds meaning in his through the audience and his work. Starring some of Seattle’s best actors and actresses this one is not to be missed!

Forever Plaid [Book by Stuart Ross]
Music by various composers
Directed by Crysyal Dawn Munkers

“Screamingly funny! Entirely enchanting, utterly entertaining, awesome!…will put a smile on your face, a hum in your throat and a tap to your feet,” says the New York Post. The New York Times calls it, “Letter-perfect! Sweet, funny and thoroughly amusing.” Whatever you want to call it, you’ll enjoy it. One of today’s most popular and successful musicals, this quirky revue tells the story of four, young, eager male singers killed in the 1950s on the way to their first big gig. Miraculously, they are revived (aircon included) so they may posthumously perform the show that never was. Nostalgia lives as the “Plaids” sing such favorites as “Three Coins In the Fountain,” “Catch A Falling Star” and ” Love Is A Many Splendored Thing.” So hold on to your canolis as these crazy boys put on the best show of their lives…in their afterlives.

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